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Please read - LS Rules (update)

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Please read - LS Rules (update)

Post  Boza on Thu Jan 08, 2009 7:02 pm

The request is simple - please show respect to other members of the linkshell.

If you have read the Guest section, then you will have No problems with the rules.. IT'S THAT SIMPLE.

This includes not constantly harassing people for help, raises, gil, Pl'ing. Please feel free to ask, but if the answer is no, it's no! There is a help topic on this forum, please post in there if you are struggling to find help.

Do not verbally abuse people in the LS, in jest is one thing, in anger will not be tolerated. No restriction placed on language used in the LS, but the sack holders/Leaders reserve the right to ask you to tone it down if it begins to push the respect boundaries.

Racist/sexist behaviour will not be tolerated, nor will "drama" if you have issues with people please deal with members in tell or come to a sack holder with your concerns. We will remove people from the LS if they have a negative effect on the atmosphere & ethos of the ls.

There is no list of rule breaks, but should a sack holder/Leader approach you with a concern, please consider it and take it on board. You of course reserve the right to argue your point if you feel it is unjust, and can approach any sack holder/Leader if this should be the case.

[b]Reference Events:

We are first & foremost a social shell that dabbles in a bit of endgame, people of all levels are & shall remain welcome in the ls. Please respect members right to choose if they attend the events, and not harass them & where possible assist members to gain access to event areas.

Any event organised, run or attempted is run by the said individual. The complete onous is on them. The LS itself, Leaders and or Sackholders are in no way affiliated to this and as such have no say in the matter of the event. We can offer you help by way of advice but our intervention stops there. No one in the LS is under no obligation to help anyone get their AF3 armour or Empyrean weapons etc. This LS is primarily a social LS and will remain as that. Any End Game activities, are run by the Individual and that Individual is solely responsible for the ongoings in that run.

If you understand this then these are the Generic Rules that we Follow unless other wise stated by the person RUNNING THE EVENT..

Abide by the lotting rules set in place for each event, Ninja lotting will not be tolerated & may result in you being removed from the LS or no longer being welcome to events.

Please attend in the job that is requested, check with event leaders prior to the start time if you are unsure which job is required.

Bring relevant items, re-raise, oils & powders etc, please check before hand if you are unsure what is required.

Help others, if new people are attending events, or people are unsure where to go etc, please take the time to help, as leaders are often focused & dont notice that someone is dropping behind.

ASK if you are unsure of your role, or have any questions please ask, would far rather spend time explaining something than wipe & then find out people are unsure of something.

And to those running an event.. Don't forget We are a Social LS if someone tries an event and doesn't want to do it again then So be it...

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