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Post  Boza on Sun Aug 10, 2008 7:54 pm

We ask all members to register on the forum, so that they can be fully aware of rules & events as well as access all the useful info.

We also Request that you use your online character Game Name , We have Found people that have not done this in the past are hard to find and pearl because they register at the Forum but don't post any infomation about themselves, so we don't know who they are.... there is a post with sackholders /Leaders names plz poke one ingame tobe pearled..

Register We want to know who you are, what your character is, and what jobs you have. This is a nice reference for when some one want to arrange a LS events. it also shows us if you need help or guidance.

This forum belongs to the LS members not to the owner/admin, its your place to have your say, post information you think will be of use, and keep up to date with any LS events.

The forum however is bound by the same rules as the LS, show respect to other users, if we deem something inappropriate we reserve the right to ask you to amend the post.

Personal flaming of other LS members will not be tollerated, if you have a personal issue please take it up in tell or speak to one of the sackholders/Leaders for assistance.
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