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Post  Jubeighost on Sun Jul 24, 2011 12:05 pm

Welcome to the Full Metal Panic (formerly WalkingwoundedLS) forum. We appreciate your interest in our link shell and would like to hopefully give you enough information to decide if you would like to join us.

First, we are primarily a Social LS. This means you come here to be social, chill out, hang out and have Fun; as such we are under no obligation to help or Run any events. That's what your event LS's and endgame LS's are for.

We are primarily a GMT LS with about 40 percent of the shell being from the US comprised of EST/CST/PST time zones. We welcome all players from beginning players to seasoned veterans.

The rules are fairly simple. People matter more than gear and if all you want is to better your equipment to the exclusion of stopping to help others--if you are in a hurry to get your gear and have no patience, we are NOT the shell for you. We do not censor what you say but will not tolerate any trashy talk or putting down other members in LS chat. If you're a pimp, I don't want to hear about it, if you have anal sex we don't need to know, but if you farted and embarrassed yourself somewhere--now that might be good for a laugh cheers

If you have a problem, take it to the leaders-- if you cannot resolve an issue in /tell or party chat. We will not tolerate LS drama or being disrespectful to other players. If your level of maturity is that of a 12 year old--we are not the shell for you. If you're an elitist geared to the nines and want to impress someone... please, go somewhere else.

While we recognize there are some Xbox players with no PC access to come to the forum, all events we do run are scheduled and posted here, and this is where we keep track or who attends what so we know who can get what of certain things; This is also the place to ask for help popcorn therefore, you need someone who can post in your behalf if you cannot come in. The forum has a wealth of information, guides, and other things for you to use.

Last, if and when we do an event, someone is always in charge. We expect you to follow their directions without questioning everything during the event. If you feel things can be handled better, discuss it with the leader after the event or make a post here on how you believe an event could be run more smoothly and efficiently. We are always open to suggestions for making the game more enjoyable but not open to know-it-alls who cannot, and will not listen.

Again, thanks for your interest in Full Metal Panic Link shell~

Should you decide to register and join, please register with your CHAR name or similar and post your information under recruitment & member Info and we will pearl you~
There is a template in the post "Please Read before Posting" Moo

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Re: Please Read

Post  Sic on Tue Jul 26, 2011 1:35 am

lolbrokenpadlockbutton admin/ have access to locked threads silly Brit. a few shots
cha cha

How dare you all edit my stupid reply, telling I'm stupid, why i ough'ta.....

Muppet LMAO

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