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Before you go any Further .. this is a MUST read

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Before you go any Further .. this is a MUST read

Post  Jubeighost on Sun May 19, 2013 3:00 am

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bounce bounce bounce

Hi Folks

First of all ,Thankyou for coming to check out our Forum cheers

So at present this is the way things are.. we where once called WalkingWounded (WW for short) and began back in 2008 . Now due to the orginal founders quitting the game and moving on , we have had to rebadge the name 4 times (WalkingWounded > WalkingWoundedls > PhoenixRising > FullMetalPanic) we have of course kept the orginal forum address .. good memories here Very Happy . At one point we had over 200 registered members on the forum (exactly where they where ingame is another question lol! ) over the last year this has been weeded down .. Due to fallouts. active members leaving and some jumping servers( to join old friends and such) the member count now is 25 ..of these quite a few have retired......

At present there are only 5 active members here ingame they may not have the pearl on, but they around, poke them and you'll see..

Soooo.... if you don't mind a quiet place (for now) come along and join us.. Better still bring a friend or two Very Happy the more the merrier .....

So hope to see you....



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